Life in A Minor

when everything is out of sorts
and the road feels wrong,
when I am off kilter
and feeling left unfulfilled
with no steady peace inside,
and I can’t make up my mind,
heart and mind misaligned,
how can you say that this is the way
–to wait in the tension
of discordant notes and unresolved endings,
turning it over and over
to tug on wrong strings


Why we lie

“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.” -Proverbs 24:26

Why we lie
was the name of a magazine article
sitting on a shelf as I waited in line.

A younger version of myself
might have turned through the pages of the article,
secretly hoping to find a new answer
for all the lies I have been told.

As if the article could reveal
all the corresponding truths that were never spoken
or fill the hole created by each stretch of truth,
the distance that opened between us
that was also a pit of disappointment and hurt,
sometimes too wide to be crossed.

But then, I have told my fair share of lies,
turning to kiss on the cheek and avoiding eyes,
instead of being seen for all of who I really am.

Look First

Turn my eyes to see your face
when I have turned away to move on my own
and I don’t know where you are.

Turn my eyes to see yours
so that I can know you just a little bit more
and where you will move.

Turn my face to see your view
and look in my eyes to see where I would run
and hold me there.