Widen Your Hearts Also

“Our mouth is open to you, Corinthians; our heart is wide.  You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted in your own affections.  In return – I speak as to children – widen your hearts also.”  -2 Cor. 6:11-13

  • not like the widening you avoid on the highway; those yellow and black “Wide Load” signs that have you half-driving on the shoulder – warning grooves blaring at you like the horn of a tractor trailer – your hands tight on the steering wheel as you maneuver around the hauled farm tractor, or motor-home, or whatever oddly shaped package the truck carries, speeding on to wherever you’re going that’s so important.
  • but a widening like a pair of open arms, invitation unspoken.
  • sometimes we need to be told the obvious, in simple terms, because we are too distracted in our complex and involved lives; too closed off in our own minds, reviewing the day, of what still needs to be done; do we even hear the invitation?
  • who will take the time to widen his heart when that means opening up his life for interruptions, of being put off [what he’s got his mind on], inconvenienced, of being made to feel [something unexpected and day-changing], of being humbled by words.
  • but once you’ve seen it – the open, the free man – can you ignore it? standing in front of you, heart in his hand, eyes open and unafraid, fully human, inviting you to open up too just by having a wide heart himself.
  • it is a sigh of relief; no, it is when your heart instinctively stretches the rubber bands around it in response and you toy with the idea of letting everything go.
  • shoulders relax, heart settles, and you lean against the counter, holding your coffee mug, delaying the moment, and something inside answers, yes, this is what my life is for.
  • “I’m standing under a white flag.  Oh.  Can you see me?  Oh, can you see me?  I’m standing for everything we have.  Oh.  Can you hear me?  Oh, can you hear me?” [The Script, This=Love}

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