When You are Old (Hummingbird)

When you are old

your body will not look like it does now,

will not be firm, will not hold the appeal it does now

at least to so many other women.

But it will still carry the strength of your character.

Your eyes will still hold me

and you will still smell the same.

[I will still want you.]

The other day I was walking through the grocery store

and I passed an older couple.

The man had to lean on the cart for support

while his wife moved from shelf to cart, to shelf and back again, all along the aisle.

And I wondered

what you would look like when you were old,

how your body would change,

lose its elasticity, labor to move;

its own burden.

You are light now – flitting around me

like a hummingbird for nectar.

(It’s a wonder you don’t fly farther

-around the world if you wanted to.)

But I think I will love you more

when you are broken down,

halting and slow,

each movement a shadow of what your full wing span once was.

Settled, but after you’ve had your flights and adventures.

Then I can circle you

with care.


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