“and I’m finding each time that you fall, you’re just becoming who you are”

crucified savior

lifted up and made manifest

but to how many?

-far less than the hungry crowds he fed before

just a few saw his face in full glory

and they were left to wonder ‘what now?’

there was no road map for converting the Mediterranean

much less one person

‘our leader died, for the whole world to see

but we’ve seen him alive again!

take our word for it’

how foolish his disciples must have felt

what proof could they offer up

beyond their zeal for life

and their quiet assurance

in the promises of God

a crucified savior

seemed to be their downfall

the obvious weak point in their argument

who would follow a failure?

or believe that his very death

was the means by which God would save

more than just a nation

so different than Moses or David

who led their people victoriously

a crucified savior

calling his followers to do the same

to be dragged down in the dust and dirt




to be the ones letting the security of their lives go

to field bias and hatred flung at them from their own camp

but they were being rebuilt in the process


they were different men and women from when

they first met him

and who said the point of life

was to be a success?

crucified but transfigured

into who he was meant to be

‘follow me,’ he said,

‘and watch your life change’

is it worth changing your life

to find out who you are?

to see yourself transfigured

shining, burning, brilliantly bright

for someone else


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