Where to?

Turn here, You said.

A dead end was ahead and we could both see it.

I figured you knew where we were going

or at least where we needed to go.

My date to the junior ring dance got us lost in Forest Park on the way to the Science Center where the dance was.  I remember internally rolling my eyes that he hadn’t looked up directions but just trusted his internal GPS.

His whimsical fun was lost on me as I cringed at the thought of being late and missing the half hour window of when we were supposed to get there before they closed the doors.

I’ve always been that way.  Worried about being on time.  Worried about following the rules.

But there’s only one Person I need to be on time for.

And He’ll always get me where I need to be

at the exact right time

if I listen to him.

Only one Person I need to ask directions from,

but sometimes he takes me off the map

into the blank parts of the page.

My roommate freshman year of college tried to join an underground sorority.   For one of the initiation practices they ‘kidnapped’ her and the other hopefuls, blindfolded them, and drove them to a park and left them there in the middle of the night, instructing them to find their way in an unfamiliar city back to campus on foot.  No phones allowed.

I was meant to find You.

And I can, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have a clue

as to where I am

or where I am going.

And just because You’ve found me, doesn’t mean I have found all of me.

No, I am still lost

caught in this pause of

when it is not the right time to be just anywhere yet,

but just for sitting

in these blank spaces before the new sentence begins.


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