seasons seen anew


barren beauty

clustered jewels hanging

from branches twining

creaking in the winds

in sunlight blinding

burning cold hands

groping finding

blizzard surprising

and formless snow whiting

out eyes and sight

starlit nights

moon light breaking

o’er breathless air

stinging praising

chiming bells high

leanness and poverty

the soul adorning

in winter’s long night


unsettled weather

counter winds warring

tugging prying

sleet and hail slinging

glassed limbs dripping

galoshes sliding

and sludging mud puckering

fighting to stay upright

new petals drooping

from late snow

and slow hoping

new growing

will seedling show

after storming and striking

the soul’s longing

for gentle resting

amidst spring’s late bursting and glow


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