More than your waves


Louder than the roar

of your waters

Stronger than your torrents



I am pitched and cradled

Taken by the hand

And channeled


by grey sky and dark foam

and maddening throes

Where is the horizon

and a hope of light?

Where is the end of night.

O my soul, o my soul

Here in this tiny boat

water slides over wood

bone and clothes cling

and wrapped arms


down to the bottom

Where is my God?

White sound answers

deafens and fills

Eyes blind

with waves grey and green

O my soul, o my soul

I chant

like a melody

or counter charm


Why are you downcast?

Why do you grieve?

though darkness surrounds you


remember within

the halcyon


and hear

the still, sweet song of grace

Wait for God


Here deep calls unto deep*

my soul to the Lord

the depths felt within


to where no depth can hold

and the faint bar of light within


to a quiet crescendo

Wait for God

*Psalm 42:8


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