You Wanted So Much More

What could I offer you that is not already yours?

So instead I give you all that I cannot keep:

the ache and the loss,

the memories that slow my feet,

the skin -too calloused,

the unbelief.


I peel it off like old clothes,

discard it on the altar,

and watch the flames disintegrate and deflate

the weary thoughts and words.


And when the winds lift the ashes free

to stir the air with sooty hands

and raise my incense high,

a corresponding breath releases

and opens pores.


My lungs expand in the open air,

further, and full.

And the wind moves fresh and cool

across my shriveled skin.




with nothing to separate,

Your love crashes in


like a lover long kept away,

clinging, clasping, and overjoyed,

unwilling to let me go.


And I,

I drink it in, drown in your waters,

and laugh like I’m drunk



to think that this offering

was just a pretext.