Let it be done to me.

Let my heart be open to You.

Let Your love work in me.

Let me be changed into who You want me to be.

Not what I want for myself,

but what You have seen in me,

from the beginning.

Let it be done in me.

Let me forget who I am

and instead see who You are.

Let me not hold onto

what I want for my heart,

but instead let Your grace move through it

and change the landscape.

Let me trust that what You are doing in me

is where I am supposed to  be.

Let Your will be done in me.

the fatal wound?

the first spring rain washing away



breaking open

a sigh of relief and full breathing

in the smell of wet earth


the first deep wound



breaking open

and bleeding out, revealing a heart

no longer composed of stony parts


but alive and beating



pouring out love

and never drying out


stronger and more human

with every drop

with every breath

with every beat


This is eternal love.

This is eternal life.