Realizations on the Way Back from Egypt

I will bring you back.

These were the words You whispered

so long ago

as we were chased out by Your hand

(though through an alien foe).

In exile all these years,

so far away from home and familiarity

and Your resting place.

It’s so strange to be returning.


These roads look different

walking back.

And what will greet us there?

It has all been burned.

Our cities destroyed,

our Temple pillaged and defiled.


Yet nowhere else have we longed to be.

Nowhere else could our hearts find home.

And oh how they have burned within us,

even now on this retraced road.


Such a strange mixture of sorrow and joy.


But we will return and rebuild


though nothing is the same.



and not in vain

did You send us out

and bring us home again.


Because You brought us back

to You.