Cosmic Love

In the shadow of Your heart
I found myself in the dark;
Your presence covered my sight.
And I had to trust that where You moved
was my light– A strange waltz
in the unearthly count of grace.

In the shadow of Your heart
I became lost in the vastness
of One who made stars and moons,
and I felt my own smallness in the midst of
Your dizzying cosmic space– Alone in the stillness,
until Your heart beat, “I am with you.”

In the shadow of Your heart
I listened to the sound, steady and true,
calming my heart but still keeping me blind
to all but You–So I laid my head on your chest
and Your arms wrapped tightly round me,
holding me to You.

In the shadow of Your heart,
though I could not see Your face,
I loved You more dearly than well-traced curves
and lines, and I knew
that I could never leave to search for distant suns;
So I stayed in the darkness with You.