‘It was good to see you.’

What we mean when we say,
‘It was good to see you.’
When you know my face
and have spent your time
trying to drink it in and know it more,
and I have felt myself filling up with your presence,
the joy and electricity intermixing
to bring me more alive.
But we will never admit to any of this,
only daring to speak the slight mention and social nicety
that says everything and nothing
when we are turning away from each other to leave,
eyes hidden.

A love letter to the world

I write this here to everyone I know.
My life doesn’t make sense without you.
Because you make my heart come alive.

So independent and intent on proving myself,
I’m still learning that part of being human
is needing others–

I need your hand held out.
I need your quiet patience.
I need your surprise bear hugs.

I need your view of who I am when I doubt myself.
I need your, “but how are you doing?” when
I have spent my time asking everyone else this question.

So quiet and content to just sit and watch the world,
I need your invitation to join the dance.
I was made to need you in this life.

And I thank you for any little piece of yourself
that you have given.
You have built my heart up
into a patchwork of missing parts.