What happens when you hear ‘Let it Snow’ ten times in one day:

As long as you love me so
let it snow
I don’t care
As long as you love me so
I can make it through
so many hard days
it doesn’t matter
if you love me so
my dear
a bright warmth in my heart
that keeps me going
your love
oh Colorado snow
you can keep on coming
my love is here
and that is all that I need
to be alright
so let it snow

Landing Pad

There’s something so calming
about watching the geese land
into the lake behind my house
–their final flaps to slow their flight
as their feet skim and then slip in to the water,
before their wings settle in
and they float along, quite happy to be at home.

But today the lake was frozen over,
and my friends were a little more hesitant
to come in so precariously,
skidding and sliding, but trying
to look smooth about it just the same.
And they all stood around awkwardly
like the had somewhere else to be
but were too polite to say so.

So I left to find another spot
where my thoughts could settle down to rest
and turn about slowly in my head.

Fight . Dance . Love

For so long I didn’t realize that I had been battle ramming you
with indifference,
using it as a shield to hide
what I had been so brave to show you once before,
bruising ribs and straining patience,
all the while pushing you back and away from me.

But I’d rather think in harmony with you,
two strains of the same thought wrapping around each other,
turning and reforming movements
to create a beautiful dance.

I’d rather understand who you are
and open up enough to give you space
to move in,
instead of bracing for the impact.