Why there are no professional pictures of me as a five-year old

The great hearts have a stubbornness about them,
a determination to keep loving
when it seems to make no difference,

a disbelief in every lie
that speaks against hope,
and a willingness to waste their lives

for the sake of others.
Thank God for their inability to give up
and leave empty-handed,

for that thing inside them
that doesn’t want to believe in failure
every time they hit the ground.


at a time when the brightness was leaving my eyes
like a tired sign
blinking intermittently on then off

and my love was like a fly in a jar
buzzing to reach the top
where the lid holds it in,

you walked past
and I turned my head at just the right time,
catching your light.

your fire was enough to turn me back on
and want to shine in the dark again,
flickering brightly to bring you in.

funny how any other day before
you have just blended in
like a fly on the wall.