The Second Sunday of Advent: Peace

tongue unloosed,
my heart cries out,
shouts to be heard.
listen my people:

prepare the way –
let love come.
hasten to open your doors
with humility and praise
that your heart, so dilated,
can receive Him.

do not be afraid
to wait for love.

for his word
is joy,
and to the believing heart,
a comfort

and he does not delay.

The First Sunday of Advent: Hope

Oh my love,
let us start anew.
I have cast behind my back
all that has kept you from me

I would rather rend the heavens
and come down to save our love,
then see you walk away.

For I have heard
the unspoken cries of your heart,
you who long to see my face.

Come, let us turn toward each other
and be firm to the end.
as we wait.