Rocker (Cadeira de Balanco)

there is something so calm
and relaxing, so satisfying
in moving in ginga-unison
in a room full of people
at the end of the day.
-the rocking back and forth
from foot to foot,
like a dance
or a porch swing,
pushing off
and catching back again,
nothing particular on you mind,
and the flap of pants
like birds passing by.

The Antiphons, By Any Other Name

No other name takes with it the meaning–
Oh praise the name–

of wisdom – O Sapienta – oh thought of God, forming the universe and making room for every soul needed to bring this world to completion

of lord – O Adonai – leading your people through their journey, like a shepherd, along the way that only you know, that leads to life

of beginning – O Radix Jesse – when everything is ending, you bring new life to birth in us where we thought death had covered our hearts

of freedom – O Clavis David – opening the cages that keep us bound inside ourselves, unlocking our desire to follow you to God’s presence

of light – O Oriens – shining in our darkness, bringing hope in the night until we can see the glory of the day

of king – O Rex Gentium – serving with humility, uniting every race and culture in love and brotherhood, lifting us up to reign with you

of man – O Emmanuel – bringing your divinity into our humanity, coming down from heaven so that God could always be with us

This is Jesus.

The Third Sunday of Advent: Joy

Who are you? What do you have to say for yourself?

In my God is the joy of my soul,
a jewel beyond all price,
because He only was with me in all my sorrows,
a warmth that has brought me to this day

through the times
when I could not speak my sadness
and no one would believe

when rejoicing in the Lord was a burden
because my soul could not be stirred,
weighed down and blind to hope.

He moved my hands to hold onto only His love
so that all other worries and troubles slipped out
and my fingers formed around His heart.

He it was that made me see only His love
until not another thought was in my head
and I could walk with Him in peace