Dear Sir Revisited

old onion skin wrappings
were just the beginning
I gave my heart to You
raw and unprotected
and You made it like Yours
bruised and beaten
torn and resewn
with the marks of real love
making it almost unrecognizable
no longer just human in form
but ready to love into eternity

Luke 9:22

You knew the course of your life here on earth
before you ever set foot
every single day
You knew your fate was to suffer greatly
and be rejected
with hearts still shut against you
as you gave your last
and still you chose
you chose this life
that brought betrayal and rejection

I don’t know my fate
whether my last day will still show
vain attempts
and lonely days
hearts unknown and closed off
If today were the last
I would be the same as you
but I wouldn’t have it any other way
I would choose it all again
out of love for You


the secrets that we keep
every superhero has to have them
the burden of not having the ones you love
know you fully
or even
that you love them at all

there’s a boy in my office
who pulls of Clark Kent
quite well
suit coat and glasses
and a little curl of hair
at the top of his forehead
with the tell-tale awkwardness
around a certain writer

but what he hides underneath
his secret that you would never guess
is a pair of goofy socks
that just peek through
when he forgets and crosses his legs