Rocker (Cadeira de Balanco)

there is something so calm
and relaxing, so satisfying
in moving in ginga-unison
in a room full of people
at the end of the day.
-the rocking back and forth
from foot to foot,
like a dance
or a porch swing,
pushing off
and catching back again,
nothing particular on you mind,
and the flap of pants
like birds passing by.



you are learning my limits
bounding me in
slowly stepping around
and pressing down
where you want
to keep me safe
and contained

but my love was meant
to bend low
and slip underneath
holding up
your strength
to let you encircle
and fold over me

Fight . Dance . Love

For so long I didn’t realize that I had been battle ramming you
with indifference,
using it as a shield to hide
what I had been so brave to show you once before,
bruising ribs and straining patience,
all the while pushing you back and away from me.

But I’d rather think in harmony with you,
two strains of the same thought wrapping around each other,
turning and reforming movements
to create a beautiful dance.

I’d rather understand who you are
and open up enough to give you space
to move in,
instead of bracing for the impact.